Promoteur engagé pour une ville bas carbone et inclusive, Redman contribue à bâtir une vie durable.

Property developer for our own account and that of third parties, in the tertiary, hotel and housing sectors; we are also Hotel Operator and Investor for the territories with Essentiel, our solidarity property company.
For nearly 16 years, Redman has been working as a contractor to build a holistic project that is more citizen-friendly than ever. The women and men of Redman work to promote sustainable urbanity, through tailor-made, innovative, inclusive creations that create value and have a reduced carbon footprint.

Real Estate

Redman is a key player in the real estate and urban ecosystem in France. Our pronounced taste for complex projects and our entrepreneurial spirit allow us to practice asset development, a subtle combination of asset management and real estate development. Faced with complex real estate projects, we must respond to many issues (legal, environmental, managerial, etc.). Asset development is a conception of the profession that allows us to favor the integration of all expertise, the diversity of professions to act in a transversal way in order to bring to life bold urban projects that give substance to dreams.

We surround ourselves with the best experts who combine their talents to create innovative, meaningful, fair and sustainable places. We support builders of the future to carry out tailor-made projects, as close as possible to our dreams and those of our partners.

Our ambition is to add our stone to the building by opening up the field of possibilities, giving free rein to our creativity, taking the risk of following our values and our intuitions, in a desire for continuous improvement.

Mastering complexity is at the heart of the structure in order to find effective and lasting solutions, responding to both the various climatic and social challenges that we must meet.

Real impact

­Until now reserved for public authorities, the fight against climate and social challenges is now driven by companies and citizens who find themselves on the front line. By considering numerous criteria, many of which remain to be invented, Redman is committed to the development of a low-carbon (dense and resilient) and inclusive (open and made for all) city:

  • Promote the dense city rather than urban sprawl
  • Transform rather than destroy
  • Design to last thanks to reversibility
  • Prioritize buildings with low GHG emissions
  • Preserving and welcoming biodiversity
  • Putting future users at the heart of our thinking
  • Supporting the integration of projects into their urban environment
  • Make our worksites vectors of integration
  • Make our buildings vectors of ecological and social progress

Better life

­We put people at the center of our project to build a sustainable life. Our desire is to create a bridge between ideas and implementation, between people and the city, between the society of yesterday and that of tomorrow. Giving a collective meaning by giving substance to meaningful urban real estate projects means participating in the construction of an inclusive city, it means clearing a path towards a better life for all.

We are committed to establishing connections between talents, ideas and resources to bring out the potential of everyone who will feed the challenges of our urban real estate projects. We believe in collective intelligence, which will be all the more significant as the skills, talents and personalities are diverse and varied.