Like many of you, it took us time to open our eyes to the seriousness of climate change and the impact we could have on it...
But it only took us a few weeks to implement concrete actions on our scale. Faced with the climate challenges facing us and the ever-growing urban inequalities, the real estate professions have a duty to reinvent themselves and to act.

Redman, a certified B Corp

In 2020, Redman earns the coveted B Corp certification.
Redman thus joins a global movement made up of for-profit companies of all sizes and from all sectors, who wish to progress and demonstrate their positive impact and commit to a better, greener and more humane world.

All are committed to generating a positive social, societal and environmental impact and are part of a progress approach by submitting to an evaluation every 3 years. In 2021, the movement had 4,000 B Corp companies worldwide, including 154 in France.

Redman adopts Mission Society status

In 2020, Redman joined the twenty pioneering companies in the real estate sector, officially becoming a Company with Mission and writing its purpose in its statutes.


“Redman, promoter committed to a low-carbon and inclusive city”


In order to validate our mission and our commitments, we are currently setting up a mission committee.

To further mark our commitment, in 2021 we joined the Community of Businesses with Mission.

“This is a strong commitment and a militant act, at a time when current events could invite us to question the relevance of this model. We are convinced that to create lasting value, it is agrees to adopt a Purpose that offers the visibility and alignment that our stakeholders need, starting with our teams and partners.The ambitious objectives that we have set ourselves will be measured and monitored by our committee mission.”

Our commitments

#REBEL: Redman Engaged in Better Living

Redman ensures that its projects and realisations become drivers of ecological and social progress. Among its various commitments, the RedTeam sets out below a number of its guiding principles, of which it is especially proud:


All our new activities must be designed so that they are ultimately able to receive BiodiverCity certification, or equivalent.


All our delivered projects must offer a structure that qualifies for the "1immeuble 1 œuvre" art & culture initiative, of which Redman is a founder member.

Circular Economy

All our restructuring activities must be conducted in the context of a circular economy partnership.

Local Employment Action

All our projects must include a local employment objective.


All employees and managers must spend one day working for a charity for each full year of service with the firm.


All employees and managers of Redman must receive vocational training for each full year of service.

Low carbon

100% of our new development operations under construction must eventually have the BBCA label.


All our activities must be associated with a reforestation programme, with the objective of 1 tree planted for every 10m² of floorspace developed. As of 15 May 2020, nearly 15,000 trees have been planted by Redman in partnership with Reforest Action.

We stand by their side