Faced with the current climate challenges and ever-increasing urban inequality, the real estate sector must reinvent itself and, above all, take action to build sustainable living.

In 2020, Redman became the first French real estate developer to obtain B Corp certification. Redman is therefore part of a global movement composed of companies of all sizes and from all sectors, all committed to building a better, more ecological and more human world.

Our commitments

#REBEL: Redman Engaged in Better Living

Redman ensures that its projects and realisations become drivers of ecological and social progress. Among its various commitments, the RedTeam sets out below a number of its guiding principles, of which it is especially proud:

  • 100% Circular Economy:   All our restructuring activities must be conducted in the context of a circular economy partnership.
  • 100% Certification  All our new activities must be designed so that they are ultimately able to receive BiodiverCity certification, or equivalent.
  • 100% Culture : all our delivered projects must offer a structure that qualifies for the “1immeuble 1 œuvre” art & culture initiative, of which Redman is a founder member.
  • 100% Forests: all our activities must be associated with a reforestation programme, with the objective of 1 tree planted for every 10m² of floorspace developed. As of 15 May 2020, nearly 15,000 trees have been planted by Redman in partnership with Reforest Action.
  • • 100% Local Employment Action: all our projects must include a local employment objective.
  • 100% Training: all employees and managers of Redman must receive vocational training for each full year of service.
  • 100% Solidarity: all employees and managers must spend one day working for a charity for each full year of service with the firm.

Our partnerships


1 immeuble 1 œuvre, a programme under the aegis of the Ministry of Culture, of which REDMAN is a founder member, is committed to raising the profile of art and culture – in all locations, for all audiences. Convinced that art creates an opening to the wider world and an aspiration for liberty, we install a work of art in all our buildings, accessible by all future occupants.


Reforest’Action, a participatory tree planting platform founded in 2010 with the objective of preserving and restoring forests, both in France and worldwide.


Le Pavillon de l’Arsenal, the information, documentation, urban exhibition and architecture centre serving Paris and its region.


La Charte d’urbanisme Temporaire in Paris, whose objective is to design and construct cities differently by enabling temporary urban projects.


BBCA, an association established to disseminate the urgency of reducing the carbon footprint of buildings, of developing awareness of low-carbon construction, of promoting good practices (BBCA label) and of incentivising low-carbon construction.


BPI Excellence, the growth companies business network supported by Bpifrance.

The objective of the network is to bring together companies to help them boost their business by sharing experience and good practices and by developing shared business relationships.


La Voile. For the first time in its history, Redman has committed itself to a significant sports sponsorship deal until 2022, by supporting the skipper Antoine Carpentier on the Class40 circuit. The group and the yachtsman have therefore launched construction of a new Mach40.4, scheduled to hit the water by the late summer of 2020. A project with a dual objective for Redman: to provide the skipper with general support for all his goals and to identify with the strong values of sailing and the strong environmental awareness within the discipline.

B Corp
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