The diversity of profiles, professions and backgrounds integrated within the same team ensures the success of bold projects that create human and societal values.

By joining Redman, you are joining a committed company, working for a low-carbon (dense and resilient) and inclusive (open and made for all) city.

We act as an employer as we do on our operations: in a committed and responsible way, in line with our values: Freedom and Responsibility, Ambition and Humility.

Our commitments to candidates

Recruit you in a fair and transparent manner, while being sensitive to the issues of diversity and equality between women and men.

We are convinced that to shape the city of tomorrow, Redman employees must reflect society.

At Redman, the diversity of profiles, professions and backgrounds integrated within the same team ensures the success of bold projects that create human and societal values.

Indeed, we have at heart, beyond skills, to seek profiles in search of meaning, to join an impact structure, useful for your career and the world of tomorrow.

Our principles:

We strive to provide an answer to each application;
Recruiters (HR and managers) are made aware of the principles of non-discrimination;
We make every effort to ensure that the process is as fluid, rapid and transparent as possible, so that you have visibility on the progress of your application;

Whether the outcome is positive or negative, feedback is provided to you at the end of your interview.

Integrate you permanently into the RedTeam.

Once recruited, we create a climate of trust conducive to everyone’s development, so that you can be permanently integrated into Redman, and feel comfortable from the first days.

Help you develop your skills.

During your professional life at REDMAN, you are accompanied by benefiting from training to develop your skills as well as regular HR/Manager points.

Multidisciplinary teams contribute to personal enrichment. Projects are carried out with agility and complementarity.

You will work with committed employees who work on complex and innovative projects.

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Guaranteeing you a quality working environment.

Joining REDMAN means projecting yourself as an individual in a collective where everyone has their place.
You will be part of a caring team with a strong team spirit, while allowing you to work independently and with agility on your projects.

Demonstrate to you and share our constant commitment.

Beyond our commitments to our operations, we are also committed internally, on a daily basis. This is, for example, during solidarity days, our sponsorship with the association “Nos Quartiers ont des talents”, the use and management of soft mobility, the reconditioning of our equipment, the choice of local service providers, etc.

All of our actions are concretely detailed in our CSR charter.

The listening cell

The listening unit intervenes in the following situations:

  • Sexual, moral, cybernetic harassment;
  • Violence and/or physical or verbal threat;
  • Discrimination (gender, origin, social, physical etc.);
  • Relational conflict relating to a form of discrimination (sexist acts, etc.)

The listening unit can be called upon by all Redman employees as well as all candidates who are in one of the situations mentioned above. Anyone who is aware of a fact that falls within the cell’s jurisdiction (victim or witness) can seize it.

As part of its individual action, the cell:

  • Has a role of confidential listening and accompaniment to the qualification of facts. Respect for confidentiality and the will of the person are guaranteed;
  • Has a role of listening to all the members concerned, of co-constitution of the file, of orientation towards specialized professionals, of reporting to the competent authorities.

As part of its collective action, the cell:

  • Has a role of informing and raising awareness of the target audiences about their rights, approaches and possible remedies;
  • Makes proposals to the relevant bodies of Redman (Management Committee in particular) relating to the prevention and treatment of abusive behavior falling within the scope of competence of the listening unit.

The listening unit is not a disciplinary body. As such, it informs and advises the person in its personal steps without being able to prosecute in its name the presumed author of the facts.

To contact the listening unit, write to us at

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