A developer committed to low-carbon and inclusive cities, Redman contributes to the construction of sustainable living.

Redman is a turnkey developer delivering holistic and socially responsible projects. The men and women at Redman strive to extend the reach of sustainable urban living in the manner of a leading fashion house, delivering bespoke projects with a high level of perceived value.

Real Estate

Redman is a key operator in the French real estate and urban ecosystem. Our entrepreneurial spirit steers us towards complex projects, practising what can be termed asset development – a subtle combination of asset management and property development.

Complex real estate projects present a number of challenges (legal, environmental, managerial, etc.). Asset development is a business concept that promotes the integration of all fields of expertise, exploiting professional diversity in order to operate in a cross-functional manner to breathe life into bold urban projects embodying our clients’ dreams.

We bring together leading experts who combine their talents to deliver innovative, meaningful, equitable and sustainable spaces. We help the builders of tomorrow produce bespoke projects, fulfilling our own and our partners’ dreams. We aim to establish a solid foundation for the project by opening up the array of possibilities, giving free rein to our creativity while never flinching from the pursuit of our values and intuition, and striving for continuous improvement.

Mastering complexity is at the heart of the method designed to establish effective and sustainable solutions that meet the various climate and social challenges of the modern world.

Real impact

­Solely within the competence of the public authorities until recently, climate and social challenges are now being driven by companies and citizens located on the front line. By taking into account numerous criteria, many of which still to be defined, Redman is committed to developing cities that are low-carbon (dense and resilient) and inclusive (open and constructed for everyone):

  • Favouring dense cities rather than urban sprawl
  • Transforming rather than destroying
  • Designing for durability through reversibility
  • Favouring buildings with low greenhouse gas emissions
  • Placing future users at the heart of our thought processes
  • Supporting the insertion of projects within their urban environment
  • Turning our projects into catalysts for inclusionn
  • Ensuring that our buildings become drivers of ecological and social progress

Better life

­­We place men and women at the heart of our project to build sustainable living. Our desire is to create a bridge between ideas and reality, between people and the city, between the society of yesterday and tomorrow. Providing collective meaning by creating tangible urban real estate projects of real significance means participating in the construction of the inclusive city – laying out the path for better living for all.

We are determined to establish the required links between talent, ideas and resources, exploiting the maximum potential of each individual to tackle the challenges of our urban real estate projects. We believe that collective intelligence is all the more effective the greater the diversity of expertise, talent and personalities.